Featured Products

  1. Military Jammer

    Powerful Military Signal Jammer | SMG-15


    Military jammer is a brand new and fresh development of signal blocking industry. It is quite powerful jammer which is used by military and other special forces in extreme conditions of battlefields with full efficiency. And now it is available for civilians! Learn More
  2. Mobile Phone Blocker With Remote Control

    Mobile Phone Jammer With Remote Control | MJRC40


    Powerful GSM signal jammer with desktop deign and remote control is probably the best mobile phone jamming device made for schools, hospitals, libraries, etc. Learn More
  3. Ultimate GPS Jammer

    Ultimate GPS Jammer | GTJ15


    Ultimate defense against all GPS trackers thanks to this GPS signal jammer that is able to block absolutely any civil GPS band and in that way make you completely unseen for spying gadgets. Learn More
  4. Compact GSM/GPS Mobile Phone Jammer

    Compact GSM/GPS Cell Phone Jammer | CDJ10


    Portable cell phone blocker with long lasting battery for individual usage. Despite being handheld, this GSM GPS signal jammer has quite big jamming radius as for handheld jamming device. Learn More
  5. Handheld LoJack/XM Radio/4G Jammer

    Compact LoJack XM Radio 4G Jammer | LJX15


    If you wish to protect yourself against tracking devices then you definitely have to purchase this ideal jammer. It can jam 4G, XM signal bands and LoJack tracking devices with the single press of a button! Learn More

When you need to buy a signal jammer, first of all you have to establish the purpose of its usage for yourself.

When you visit public places like shops, restaurants, theatres, parks, public transportation and other, there might be a lot of incidents with rude cell phone talkers involved. To make them harmless for your well-being, purchase cell phone jammer and use it when necessary. They can also disable all GSM-powered devices in their blocking range. There are many tracking and eavesdropping devices among those which use GSM band to operate, and you will jam them all. If this is what you exactly need then you may consider looking at our big selection of mobile phone signal jammers to find one for yourself. You can be sure that all your requirements will be met by one of those reliable jamming devices.

When you have any suspicious thoughts about being tracked, you must know that every nine of ten tracking devices uses GPS frequencies to do their work. Those tracing gadgets may be of various sizes, power, software and other specifications, but none of them can operate without satellite connection. Having this reason in mind you might think about purchasing the GPS jammer to have the ability to prevent all attempts of evildoers tracking you at ease. The selection of that kind of jammers is quite impressive so it will be simple to find the right model.

And what about the tenth tracker? It is very cunning, because it uses both frequency bands mentioned above in its dirty job. When one of those bands is blocked, the device switches to another one. To overpower such clever device we have GPS GSM jammers for you to select. They are functioning as both mobile phone jammers and tracking jammers at the same time, so you will not have to worry about being spied in the advanced way.

But you also have to bear in mind that not only tracking devices might be a problem of modern age. Wireless communications made it possible for bad guys to spy on you via hidden cameras and audio microphones using Wi-Fi connection to transfer the data. To effectively stop those tiny spying devices from ruining your private life you can use Wi-Fi jammers which we have in many variations also. You may not even suppose that you are being spied, looked at and eavesdropped. But stop worrying from now on, because our Wi-Fi blockers and Bluetooth signal jammers will be your reliable guards and will not let your personal information to be recorded. All possible hidden gadgets which use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 2.4G bands for their work will be totally disabled and unable to spy on you.